July 6, 2015

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things About the Honda HR-V

The all-new Honda HR-V is an innovation in the crossover market. Many car reviewers are calling the HR-V the hottest little SUV of the summer and great reviews are piling up. Other automotive companies are working fast to create their own versions of the HR-V in hopes the popularity will rub off on them. In light of this, Frank Ancona Honda wanted to share some of our favorite things about everybody’s favorite little crossover, the Honda HR-V.

Image Credit: Honda

Image Credit: Honda

A Small CUV With a Lot of Space

The Honda HR-V is unique in the crossover market because of its size. The crossover is already the mid-size option between a car and an SUV, but the HR-V is another smaller option in crossover size range. But not to fear – the HR-V does not feel tiny! The HR-V was modeled on the Honda Fit chassis, a car known for making incredible use of the space. This may be the biggest wow factor of the new CUV. The space in the small vehicle is incredible. There is 58.8 cubic feet of storage with three interior configurations and seating for five passengers.

Excellent Gas Mileage Without Sacrificing Performance

The Honda HR-V receives an average of 35 mpg highway and 28 mpg city driving. According to USA Today’s test drive, they drove the HR-V without any regard for fuel efficiency and still averaged 30 mpg range. Consumers also have the option of manual or continuously variable-ratio automatic transmission (CVT).

A Clever Interior

Not only is the interior clever because of the use of space, but the interior features work with the driver and passengers, not against them. The cup holders are adjustable, there are plenty of connectivity options for various devices, backup camera is standard and the in-car tech is made to make life easier.

A Mini-SUV Without the Cost

Many people opt for larger cars instead of SUVs because of the price difference. Honda decided to solve that problem by offering the LX base model starting at $19,115 MSRP. Offering an SUV option for under $20,000 means more consumers who want to get into a vehicle with more space and power now have the option. Besides that, the HR-V gives consumers the option to get a fully loaded option for thousands less than competitor vehicles fully loaded, as Jalopnik covers in-depth.

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