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September 6, 2013

Honda Begins New Advertising Campaign: “Start Something Special”

Posted by Jason Heard, general sales manager at Frank Ancona Honda

According to a recent press release, Honda is launching its new advertising tagline, “Start Something Special,” with a series of commercials featuring the 2014 Honda Odyssey and the world’s first commercially available in-vehicle vacuum cleaner, the HondaVAC.

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“How I Met Your Mother” star Neil Patrick Harris and Rainn Wilson of “The Office” lent their voices to the first of the videos, available here, as a gummy bear and a ball of lint respectively. Each video showcases the “spokescrumbs” and their tangles with the Odyssey’s in-vehicle vacuum cleaner.

Mashable reported that according to Honda, the idea for the HondaVAC came from a Honda engineer’s daughter. When she saw how frustrated her dad was getting by the mess the kids made in the van, she said, “Dad, you need a vacuum in here.”

The “Start Something Special” tagline will be used across all Honda brands. Each commercial will begin with a mnemonic tone to distinguish itself as a Honda advertisement, according to Honda’s press release.

The new Honda tagline is built on the insight that people form a special relationship with their Hondas. They love them. They name them. They talk to them. It’s a truly unique bond,” said Mike Accavitti, senior vice president of auto operations at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “‘Start Something Special’ illustrates this connection while emphasizing the special qualities that only Honda vehicles provide.”

Read the full press release here.