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August 15, 2013

Honda Launches “Project Drive-In”

Posted By Jason Heard, Sales Manager at Frank Ancona Honda

Hollywood is making the switch from celluloid to digital in the next few months, and while most large indoor movie theaters take in enough profit to afford the switch, the transition might ring the death knell for the 400-plus American drive-in theaters that are already struggling. In an effort to save these classic cultural icons, Honda recently announced the start of their Project Drive-In campaign.

According to the campaign’s website, “In less than 3 months, the majority of American drive-in theaters will face closure with the movie industry’s switch from film to digital. Upgrading to digital projection costs roughly $80,000. We want to preserve this iconic part of American car culture. So we’re taking the first step by starting a drive-in fund and donating 5 digital projectors.”

Honda is inviting people to decide where those digital projectors will go by voting on Project Drive-In’s website, which has an interactive map of the location of every drive-in movie theater.

Those who wish to do more can donate to the digital projector fund or take a pledge (published on Facebook or Twitter) to visit a local drive-in theater this season. Honda is also asking people to help spread the word and has made logos, flyers, digital badges and Facebook cover photos featuring the tagline “Don’t let them go dark” available for download.

Visit the official website to learn more about Project Drive-In.