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October 7, 2016

How Protected is Your Investment?


Warranties seem to be attached to almost everything we buy today. But do you actually know what your warranty covers? At the time of your vehicle purchase we offer five different levels of coverage – our Pro Certified Lifetime Warranty plus four other levels to choose from depending on your needs. At the Frank Ancona dealership we want to help you fully understand your coverage options so that you can pick the plan that’s the right fit for you.


A warranty is essentially a guarantee that is issued to the customer ensuring that if there is a problem with your vehicle we will repair or replace the affected part within a specified period of time. At Frank Ancona Honda our Pro Certified Lifetime Powertrain Warranty is included free with every eligible vehicle purchased from our dealership and covers your engine, transmission and drivetrain assembly.


This free powertrain warranty is valuable as it can save you  a significant amount of money on unexpected repairs over the lifetime of your vehicle. This warranty lasts as long as you own the vehicle and the only requirement is that you maintain your vehicle to the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Please see the actual warranty information for full details. This information is available to you prior to purchasing the vehicle. Please take the time to carefully read all of the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions as not all parts or circumstances are covered.​


While this free warranty covers the powertrain, customers have the opportunity to upgrade their plan to extend coverage to the entire car. These lifetime warranties help you to always know what the cost is going to be on any repair to your vehicle. You can even choose from different deductible levels to further protect you financially.


Our customers find warranty coverage extremely beneficial, especially on higher mileage vehicles that have a higher likelihood of needing future repairs. On top of our incredible powertrain warranty we do several additional warranties to protect your investment.


Together with our Lifetime Powertrain Warranty, these optional non lifetime warranties combine to offer a level of protection almost unheard of in the industry!


The four additional warranty options are as follows:


Powertrain Advantage

Covers all parts for engine, transmission and drivetrain assembly. You also get the added coverage of an expense reimbursement package that includes a rental car, manufacturer’s Warranty deductible and travel/lodging as well as roadside assistance.


Vehicle Value Care

This protection plan includes everything that is covered by the Powertrain Advantage plan plus additional coverage for the suspension, front-wheel steering, brakes, the electrical systems, AC and heating, fuel system and the car’s cooling system.


Mechanical Advantage Care

This protection plan includes the first two plans plus additional coverage for interior electronics, powertrain electronics, ABS brakes, convenience accessories and the vehicle hardware.


Automotive Preferred Care

This plan, our best coverage, offers all parts ranging from the engine and transmission to audio equipment and video hardware, except for specifically excluded services and conditions.


When considering your options, keep in mind that the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty comes with your car but you have the opportunity to upgrade your coverage at the time of purchase. Our best advice to the consumer is to carefully look over each warranty plan offered so that you make make an informed decision about what care plan fits you and your new vehicle the best. If you have any questions on warranties or need help choosing the best fit for you, don’t hesitate to call us at 913-782-3636 or stop in and talk to our friendly and knowledgeable finance department.