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June 22, 2014

Honda Stage Connects With Millennials

Honda has always been big on innovation, and now is making a big move into the music scene with its new music platform, Honda Stage. The multi-platform program is designed to meet music fans in environments where they’re already searching for and consuming music, according to a report filed by Forbes magazine.


Honda is focused on attracting millennials who consume a big portion of online media in comparison to traditional TV.  The auto manufacturer is anticipating brand loyalty and an increase in sales as a result of the new initiative.


American Authors Performing at the Honda Stage


With its addition to the music industry with the Honda Civic Tour back in 2001 that has thus far entertained 3.5 million americans, Honda is looking to offer Honda Stage as a youtube channel devoted to original content as well as 200 sponsored live events over the next year.

Coming up next for Honda Stage is of course the 2014 Honda Civic Tour, where this year musical acts GroupLove and Portugal.The. Man. will look to bring many new fans out to the tour who usually would not be making the trip to the tour. The 2014 Honda Civic tour will be coming to Kansas City at Crossroads on August 29. Get your tickets here.