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March 30, 2015

Frank Ancona Honda Hosted the Largest Honda Owners Workshop Event

Frank Ancona Honda recently hosted the largest Honda Owners Workshop event in the history of the dealership. This event helps out customers with any questions they have on a variety of Honda subjects and lets them see all the dealership has to offer.


Here is how a Honda Owners Workshop event works. The team at Frank Ancona Honda welcomes new Honda owners to service department. They showcase the waiting area and all the amenities of the lounge while their car is being serviced. The service waiting area includes a coffee bar, soda, juice and water along with doughnuts, bananas, apples and made fresh Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, which are all complimentary.

The waiting area also has free WiFi for their use, public computers at their disposal and a large television. Customers can also see their car being serviced through the full glass windows the view the service bay.


After touring the service area, the team answers any questions the new Honda owners have in regards to their vehicles they just purchased. Often these questions are thought of after they have driven their vehicle out of the dealership and have spent some time with it. Some common questions that are answered include:

  • How do I sync my phone?
  • How do I change a flat tire?
  • How does X feature work in my new car?

The team at Frank Ancona Honda demonstrates the answers to these questions in the service drive. There are multiple vehicles set up in the area so customers can go to the vehicle they own for demonstrations on how to perform certain functions.


Frank Ancona Honda treats the new Honda owners to a dinner. For extra fun, customers at the workshop can submit their names to a raffle for prizes. The next Honda Owners Workshop event will be held on September 16th.

May 31, 2011

Frank Ancona Honda Celebrates Its 50 Year Anniversary With Happy Honda Owners Across The U.S.

In a recent interview that we posted on a community forum, several Honda owners responded to our post: “If you are a happy Honda owner, please help us celebrate our 50th Anniversary by submitting  your best Honda story in 200 words or less. The best stories will be featured on our blog and other social networking sites.”

Here are some of the responses-

Happy Honda Family of 7!
I drive a Honda Odyssey and my husband drives a Honda Pilot. We have 5 children and will only drive a Honda! Honda’s are known for safety, sleek looks and will hold our big happy family! My last car was an Odyssey too and before children I drove a Honda Civic. We are a Happy Honda Family! Before I had children I said I would never drive a minivan but now that I drive an Odyssey I want no other vehicle to transport my growing family! I’m glad my Odyssey seats 8 people too so we have room in case we ever have another addition to our growing family! Honda’s are comfortable too and Honda has thought of everything! I love the sunroof in my minivan! How cool is that, that I get to drive a minivan that has a sunroof!

Successfully Yours,

-Stacy Pursell

When “best” isn’t always happy

I’ll readily admit I’m obsessed with my 2009 purple Honda Fit. She has an identity – clearly, a gender, too – and a name: Aubergine, which means “eggplant” in French. So I’m sure you can imagine how distraught I was to receive a 4:30 a.m. call from the local police last year, telling me I had to leave the security and stress-free shelter of my apartment. Aubergine had been “de-tired” – her alloy wheels and tires removed – and dropped onto two milk crates, one under each side between the front and back doors. The month that followed was replete with insurance headaches, repair shop ineptitudes and all the while, my husband and I were searching for our first home. No one had cautioned me about the importance of wheel locks, so I readily share this story – as well as the photos from that fateful morning, still saved on my BlackBerry – to Fit owners and others who adore their small cars. Aubergine celebrated the one-year anniversary of her de-tiring safe in her half of our two-car garage – and hopefully she’ll never been vandalized again!

-Margot MacKay