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November 21, 2014

Happy Honda Days Is Back To Bring You Holiday Discounts At Frank Ancona Honda

Happy Honda Days

Have you seen commercials on TV or online lately with Gumby, Skeletor or Jem and The Holograms and thought you’d been put in a time warp to the days when “The Facts Of Life” episodes were still new each week? Don’t worry, you aren’t stuck in a time warp, Honda has released the new ads for its annual Happy Honda Days campaign. The campaign is called “A Gift to Remember” and is aimed at helping adults and car buyers relive their childhood and associate those memories with buying a Honda.

In addition to commercials with Gumby and Skeletor, you might also see Strawberry Shortcake™, Stretch Armstrong and the Magic 8-Ball. The toys have been brought to life with stop-motion animation to look more like the toys you remember from your childhood. In fact, original toys were tracked down to be used in the commercials, and you might even recognize a voice or two in play as each character.

If you see Gumby riding around in a Honda model you want to come in and test drive, come into Frank Ancona Honda, and we can get you behind the wheel. We also have some great deals going on through the end of the year for those of you wanting to trade in your current car for something new or for those of you in the market for an additional car for your family. Check out our offers for leases or financed payments by visiting our website.

You can also see the Happy Honda Days commercials over on Honda’s YouTube channel.