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April 25, 2016

Frank Ancona Honda Offers Customers Service Specials Just in Time for Road Trip Season

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, it is important to stay on top of vehicle maintenance, especially the various fluid levels. Regular vehicle care and maintenance helps to extend the life of your vehicle and reduces the risk of expensive repairs that dent your savings. Kelley Blue Book provides many tips for maintaining your vehicle, helping your Honda reach the 100,000 Mile Club. These tips include:

  1. Checking your vehicle’s fluids such as oil, coolant and transmission fluid
  2. Greasing applicable parts
  3. Waxing your vehicle
  4. Keeping your vehicle clean
  5. Maintaining your interior

If you’re tight on time or vehicle maintenance just isn’t your thing, Frank Ancona Honda can help you accomplish a lot of these maintenance suggestions now with our incredible service specials. Until the end of April, you can come in for a lube, oil change and filter change for two great low prices: $24.95 for standard oil and $34.95 for 0W-20 oil. Replacing that old, dirty oil can increase fuel economy and keep your engine running smoothly.



Frank Ancona Honda continues to bring the heat with an additional, incredible service special to ensure you get the miles you deserve out of your tires. For $39.95, receive a tire rotation and balance with an alignment check to keep those tires wearing evenly and providing you with a smooth ride (Offer expires 4/30/2016).



Taking the proper precautions with your vehicle not only helps extend its life, but also assists in keeping passengers safe. Regardless of the service your Honda vehicle needs, Frank Ancona Honda wants to assist you in making the decision that works for you. Stop by our dealership or call to make a service appointment at 913-782-3636.

April 20, 2016

Frank Ancona Honda Reviews Your New Car Purchase Options: Should You Lease or Buy that Flashy New Honda

When it comes to shopping for a new vehicle, you should always take into consideration your options. You don’t necessarily need to commit to purchasing a vehicle in order to drive off in that brand new Honda you’ve had your eye on. In fact, leasing is an incredible opportunity that provides a lot of great benefits, as well. Frank Ancona Honda provides plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect purchase option for their customers. There is always an abundant selection of new vehicles with great lease rates and financing specials available to fit everyone’s ideal situation. Let’s take a look at leasing vs. buying a new Honda.

Leasing is ideal if:

  • You plan to change cars every few years.
  • You always want newest models and technology.
  • You will not be driving over 12,000-15,000 miles per year.
  • You don’t want to worry about constant maintenance.
  • The model you want to drive is out of your purchasing price range.

One of the many current lease specials Frank Ancona Honda is offering is on the 2016 Odyssey SE. To drive off in this brand new Honda, $2,499 would be your total due at signing and then a payment of $279 per month for 35 months would be required with no more than 12,000 miles per year.

image00Amount due at lease signing excludes tax, title, license and first month payment.​ With approved credit through HFS.​ Offer ends May 2,2016

According to in order to lease a car you generally make a small down payment that is a small portion of the car’s overall value followed by monthly payments. The length of the lease can vary, but generally Honda restricts you to 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year. If this doesn’t seem to fit in with your lifestyle, or you want to own your vehicle, then purchasing may be a better option for you.

Purchasing a vehicle may be ideal if:

  • You will be driving a great deal per year.
  • You would like to customize your vehicle.
  • Would like to eventually not worry about car payments and would like to accumulate equity.

Frank Ancona Honda offers a variety of great financing specials with approved credit to help get you into your dream Honda even easier than before. Currently, the 2016 CR-V is available for purchase with a 0.9 percent financing rate for 60 months at Frank Ancona Honda for a limited time. How great is that?

image01Available through HFS.​ Example $17.06 per month for 60 months per $1.000 financed.​ Offer ends May 2, 2016

Purchasing a vehicle does have its benefits as well. As you pay down the loan, you may gain equity in your vehicle and once the vehicle is paid off you no longer have a monthly fee to pay. While you’re without a car payment, you can use that money towards other expenses or save it. Additionally, you can trade your vehicle in when it comes time to purchase a new vehicle, making it less expensive to get into a new car. uses a Honda Accord as an example in a comparison of money spent to lease vs. purchase a vehicle. We encourage you to look at the numbers compared here.


Whether you want to own or lease a car, Frank Ancona Honda is able to assist you in making the decision that works for you! Stop by our dealership to test drive one of our vehicles or feel free to call us at 913-782-3636 for more information.

November 26, 2013

Drop Off Donations at Frank Ancona Honda for Coats for Kids

For the third year in a row, we’re happy to announce that we are participating in Coats for Kids, a campaign which provides school children with coats and warm wear for school during the cold winter months. Anyone who wants to participate can drop off their coats at Frank Ancona Honda located at 1000 North Rogers Road in Olathe, Kan. The cutoff date for this year is Dec. 7, 2013, but the campaign will run throughout all of 2014 in order to prepare for next winter.

(Photo: Coats for Kids)

This is especially important for kids, as it is easier to attend, focus and participate in the educational process when nobody has to worry about something as simple as staying warm. Even better, Coats for Kids is designed to assist the health and educational needs of economically disadvantaged families who need the help the most.

This is a low impact means to make a difference; most families with children likely have coats that they have outgrown, and can probably find one that would be suitable for donation.

To learn more about Coats for Kids and the inspirational work they do, please visit