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February 15, 2013

Kansas City Honda Dealer Announces 75.2% Increase in Accord Sales

By: Jason Heard, Sales Manager of Frank Ancona Honda

January of 2013 has been great for Honda sales! According to, Honda sales are up 12.7% in January of 2013 compared to the 2012 numbers. Not only that, but Honda Accord sales have increased 75.2%.

According to Honda, “Not to be outdone, sales for the more family oriented Honda Pilot were up 16.3% and Honda Crosstour were up 38.2%.”

Honda Sales Up 13%, Accord Sales Up 75%

“’Those are impressive numbers by anyone’s standards,’ said Tod McLaughlin of Apple Valley Honda in Wenatchee. ‘The 2013 Honda Accord is an amazing machine that has critics and regular consumers raving. While I was surprised sales were up by 75% because that’s such a huge number, I’m not surprised that sales were up big. We sell a lot of them…and for good reason.’”


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