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October 5, 2015

Frank Ancona Honda Launches Digital Fundraising Campaign to Support Animal Welfare with Great Plains SPCA

Frank Ancona Honda recently announced a digital marketing campaign in honor of Michael Ancona’s mother, who was an avid supporter of animal welfare and donated to many shelters in KC. Great Plains SPCA has found themselves in a crucial funding crisis and Frank Ancona Honda wanted to help. The nonprofit is the largest no-kill animal welfare organization in the Kansas City area.

gpspca fah qr

Currently, a sponsor has offered to match any donations the Great Plains SPCA receives from now until October 15, 2015. Frank Ancona Honda wants to help GPSPCA raise as much as possible before October 15, 2015. If you visit the dealership’s donation page, you can choose an amount to donate. The best part is each donation amount explains exactly where that money is going so you know how your money is helping local animals find safety and shelter. You can make a one-time donation or choose to have a recurring donation.

  • For $10, you will be a Hometown Hero by providing shelter to a homeless pet in Kansas City.
  • For $20, you will help spay or neuter a stray kitten.
  • For $50, you will save a puppy from deadly parvovirus.
  • For $100, you will be a Cool Cat by feeding a homeless mother cat and her kittens.
  • For $250, you will be a Top Dawg by saving a dog from living life on a chain.

Great Plains SPCA is a no-kill shelter in the Kansas City metro, serving 35,000 pets annually. It is known as the most unique and comprehensive no kill animal welfare agency. The GPSPCA collaborates with other animal welfare agencies in the area with their innovative program to promote adoption, outreach, vet care and a better life for pets in Kansas City.