February 12, 2016

Show Your Honda Some Love: How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring


The winter season can put your car through quite a beating. Spring is the perfect time to wash away all of winter’s residue and to give your Honda the TLC it deserves. Follow this simple spring car maintenance checklist from Angie’s List to make sure your vehicle is running smoothly:

  • Remove leftover salt: The salt winter road crews use to melt ice and snow can cause some serious damage to your car if you’re not careful. Make sure to pay close attention to the undercarriage where metal is prone to rusting. Give your car a good wash to eliminate the salt.
  • Check alignment and suspension: Running over potholes can cause some problems with your car’s alignment and suspension. Your car could be out of alignment if you notice your car pulling to one side or that the steering wheel vibrates as you drive.
  • Change oil and check fluids: When was the last time your car had an oil change? It’s recommended to change your car’s oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Spring is also the ideal time to flush your transmission fluid, and to check your brake and cooling system fluids.
  • Inspect tires: Worn down tires make it hard to stop, even if your brakes are in good condition. According to CBS News, you should try the coin test on your tires to test the tread. Insert a quarter into several grooves around the tire. If part of Washington’s head is always covered, you can still drive safely. If you have less tread, it’s time to start thinking about tire replacements. It’s also recommended to have your tires rotated every 5,000 miles to try to keep the tread wear even.
  • Inspect brakes: Winter conditions and road salt can lead to some corrosion on your brake parts. It’s important to have a technician check the pads and rotors to ensure they don’t pose a safety issue while out on the road. A check-up today could keep you from an expensive repair later.

Getting a spring tune-up for your car could prevent you from having a summer breakdown. Bring your car into our service department for a check-up today. Stop in or call (855) 859-6511 to schedule an appointment.

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