October 29, 2014

Frank Ancona Honda Shares A Heartwarming Story From City Union Mission In Support Of FeedKCNow

City Union Mission is currently in the middle of the largest food drive in Kansas City, FeedKCNow. The drive helps provide food for many of the homeless families and individuals in the metro area. The mission also helps provide support groups and programs for the homeless and people who need help getting back on the right track. If you’re not familiar with City Union Mission, they shared one of their heartwarming stories with Frank Ancona Honda to pass along.

Frank Ancona Honda Helps Feed KC Now

When James was growing up, he was active in his church and an avid violin player. He had a zeal for life. But then his mother said something happened to James and he started down a different path. He started doing things out of the ordinary and turned to meth. His family didn’t know what to do and was at a loss, so they started praying and left James’ addiction with God. That’s when James found City Union Mission and the Christian Life Program. The program was able to help James beat his addiction and get his life back on track. James found his passion for playing the violin again and best of all, found his passion for life again.

You can watch and hear more about James from the eyes and voice of his mother in a video from City Union Mission’s YouTube channel:

Stories like James’ and many others inspired Frank Ancona Honda to support City Union Mission and make a donation to FeedKCNow. We hope James’ story inspired you as well.

You might not know it only takes $2 per meal to feed one homeless person at City Union MIssion. Imagine how many meals the Mission could provide with as little as a $10 donation.

But even if you can’t donate, educate. You can accept the #2DollarChallenge to show your support for the Mission. Eat three meals one day for $2 per meal and upload a video or post to our Twitter, @AnconaHonda. Be sure to use the tag #2DollarChallenge.

Without help from the community, City Union Mission can’t provide the services it does for the homeless of Kansas City, and it can’t help turn lives around, much like it did for James. Take a moment to watch James’ story, and if you can make a donation, please use our RAZ mobile fundraiser site: http://razmobile.com/b4f7e

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