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Frank Ancona Honda Preparing for the Debut of the 2017 Honda Ridgeline

June 16, 2016

image02The battle between trucks has been focused too long on Ford and Chevrolet. Frank Ancona Honda is here to tell you there’s a stylish newcomer to the fight that has a lot to offer. The 2017 Honda Ridgeline is driving out of the shadows to show off its many impressive features.

The Ridgeline boasts an enormous and comfortable interior that, according to Car and Driver, “embarrasses the competition.” There is also a great deal of hidden storage underneath the back passenger seats with enough room to store a set of golf clubs.

image00The exterior of the truck also comes standard with quality features. The bed of the truck is made with a composite material, as opposed to the steel and aluminum beds that you see in competitors. Recently, Chevrolet and Ford have been posting videos to show off the durability, or lack thereof, of the beds in their trucks. Honda jumped in the fray by posting a video of their own that shows the Ridgeline can handle just as much while showing hardly any damage at all.

The Ridgeline isn’t just a vehicle for the stereotypical truck owner; it’s also a great everyday mode of transportation. The bed of the truck includes a storage compartment with a drain that would be perfect as a cooler for the sports fan who loves to tailgate. The dual-action tailgate opens vertically and horizontally to allow for easy loading. With all the strength of a classic truck and many unique additional features, the 2017 Honda Ridgeline is staking its claim in the battle for most impressive truck.



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