July 27, 2015

3 Child Car Safety Tips from Frank Ancona Honda

Frank Ancona Honda is all about family safety, especially when it comes to children and cars. As a sponsor of Baby Love, KC’s Only Baby Fair, the dealership is spreading awareness about child car safety and how to prevent injury to kids around vehicles. Here are three child car safety tips to keep your family happy and secure for the ride.

Car Seat Safety




Car seats are the first place to start when thinking about car seat safety. Many new parents typically think car seats are only necessary when they are young, but children should have some type of car or booster seat until they are 8-12 years old or taller than 4’9”, according to Healthy Children. After that, children should have a lap and shoulder seat belt at all times and always sit in the back seat to reduce injury in a car accident.

Otherwise, infants and toddlers should remain in rear-facing car seats until they are two years old or until they pass the height and weight requirements from the manufacturer. Toddlers and preschoolers should remain in forward-facing car seats as long as possible, usually until height and weight requirements are exceeded.



Leaving kids in the car, either accidentally or to quickly run into a store, can cause heat stroke incredibly quickly. Edmunds reports that heatstroke and suffocation can occur even when it is as cool as 70 degrees outside. Always leave a reminder for yourself in the front seat that your child is buckled up in the back and never leave them in the car by themselves, even if you are quickly running into a store.

Frontover & Backover



The statistics on frontover and backover are incredibly alarming, as evidenced in the infographic below with information from KidsAndCars.org. There is eight feet of blind spot space in front of the vehicle and 50 feet in the back. It is important to always do a walkaround of your vehicle before driving. Also, use backup cameras to ensure the path behind you is clear.

To learn more about child car safety, attend the Kansas City Baby Fair on August 2 at the Overland Park Convention Center! Tickets are $7 if you get them ahead of the event and $10 at the door.



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