August 2015 - Frank Ancona Honda blog

August 24, 2015

Frank Ancona Honda Employee Spotlight: Parker Christian

For the month of August, our employee spotlight shines on Parker Christian! Get to know more about him so you can say hi next time you are at Frank Ancona Honda.


What is your position at Frank Ancona Honda?

New/Pre-Owned Sales Consultant

How long have you worked at Frank Ancona Honda?

Two years this September

What is your favorite part of the job?

When a customer chooses a Honda over the competition

What is your favorite Honda vehicle?

Civic Type-R

You can contact Parker Christian via email or you can call and ask for him at (913) 782-3636.

August 3, 2015

New Tech Offerings for the 2016 Honda Accord

The 2015 Honda Accord was the highest performing model year in the company’s history, meaning Honda had a tough act to follow for the 2016 year. But the company didn’t disappoint with the technology in the 2016 Honda Accord.


Image Credit: Honda

Without a doubt, the coolest new feature of the 2016 Honda Accord is the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay tech integrations that will be standard in all Accord vehicles. The Android and Apple car tech will allow the dashboard touchscreen interface to look just like the homepage of your phone. Drivers can navigate through their phone menus through voice commands or with buttons on the steering wheel.

Part of what is so innovative about offering these technologies is the Accord is the first vehicle to come to market with the tech as opposed to other manufacturers who offer the tech on the side. Also, the Accord is the first vehicle to offer both Android and Apple smartphone interfaces according to Fortune. The tech being offered to market as the interface reduced the risks of distracted driving. Even with all the car tech integrations offered today, people still turn to their phones for in-car navigation. Honda is hoping offering this tech at the start will push more people to use their car to use their phone and reduce accidents from looking down at a phone screen.

In addition to integrating Apple and Android interface technology, Honda is going further with tech safety by offering Honda Sensing in new Accords. This safety technology has already been offered in new CR-V and Pilot models. According to Automotive News, Honda went to Silicon Valley to research what people were looking for in car tech and the answer was complete integration.